Corporate Impact Management

Stakeholder-Centred Management


Stakeholders are individuals and groups of individuals who have a ‘significant interest’ in an organisation.  Typically they are those that are notably affected by an organisation or can have a notable effect on that organisation.

There are a number of risks associated with how the on-going relationships with stakeholders are managed.  As a result of a growing recognition of these risks, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to identify important stakeholders and engage with them productively.

Further guides in this resource explain some of the new approaches associated with stakeholder-centred management.  These explain the key concepts of:

Identifying significant stakeholders

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Relationship Management

The move to view business from a range of perspectives from a number of stakeholders presents challenges to modern managers. However, there are also potential business opportunities from understanding, communicating with, and in in some instances mobilising such a diverse network of groups.


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