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Business Reporting

The demand for reporting is increasing. Most major corporations now produce a Sustainability Report or Corporate Responsibility Report on an annual basis. Few websites are now complete without a reference to the community, environment or CSR.  And ethical issues in the supply chain are the focus of investigation and reporting by a wide range of agencies. This is creating an expectation among consumers but also pressure on smaller suppliers. As larger organisations seek to eliminate reputation risks they are increasingly putting their suppliers under more intensive scrutiny. So now even the smallest company may be required to publish statements or reports on their ethical performance just to retain existing business.

But reporting doesn’t just have to be a knee-jerk reaction to the needs of others. As with most aspects of Corporate Impact Management the real business benefits come from a proactive and considered approach. It can be an opportunity to show what you do best, manage your weaknesses, and demonstrate your commitment to improving your ethical performance.  Handled in the right way and communicated sensitively you can develop invaluable performance management information and build powerful brand values that may help you enter new markets.

Starting to evaluate and report your impact doesn’t necessarily mean starting with a blank sheet of paper .  Often many activities that a company already undertakes informally or in an ad hoc manner have great merit and can form an integral part of a new reporting initiative. These illustrative stories are often as powerful as data when communicating to wider audiences.  And it’s worth remembering that reports can evolve over time. As with all our work our aim is to find a report structure and process that actually helps your core business rather than just ticking a box so we’ll help you develop an approach that is right for you.

As such we’re able and happy to help with all aspects of:

  • Research;
  • Assessment;
  • Management Reports; &
  • Public Reports

So whether a potential customer wants you to provide a full sustainability report or you simply want help writing an environmental statement for your website, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we might be able to help.

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