Corporate Impact Management

Business Support

Corporate Impact’s Sustainable Business Support Package has been designed as a one-stop-shop to quickly and effectively develop your understanding and management of your business’s impact on the environment and communities.

Our practical helpful approach will enable you to develop:

  • Peace of mind about regulation and risk
  • Cost savings and increased margins
  • A more positive company profile and greater sales
  • An easy affordable way to improve your businesses impact

The service is available as three ‘off-the-shelf’ annual support packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and a bespoke Platinum service. The packages are adaptable to your specific business needs and all feature:

  • An Action Planning workshop
  • An annual Action Plan
  • Progress Review
  • Additional task/support time
  • Simple management tools
  • Learning resources

With prices starting from as little as £100 a month our combined support package is a cost effective way for organisations of all sizes to get to grips with managing their business in a more sustainable way.

If you’d like a free initial consultation to establish if this type of support is appropriate for your needs then please call 01983 241486 or email for more information.

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