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About us

Corporate Impact is an impact management firm specialising in using stakeholder engagement to help organisations understand, manage, and improve their social, environmental, and economic impact. It is a partnership, with the founding partners being David Newton and Suzanne Mundell both of whom have extensive experience across private, voluntary, and public sector organisations dealing with issues relating to managing impact. David leads on field work while Suzanne takes the lead on research but both play an active role in our all aspects of the business. The two also work with a network of specialist associates that they have developed through over 30 combined years of practice.


David Newton

David Newton BSc (Hons) AIEMA FRSA

After an early career in communications and fundraising David Newton became the Community Affairs Manager for the Body Shop International. In this role he worked to promote, support and monitor corporate community involvement through the company’s stores across 42 countries. David left The Body Shop to accept a position as a Fellow of Stakeholder Engagement and Communications at the Office for Public Management (OPM), furthering his work on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and cross-sector partnerships. For the past ten years he has been working at a local level, running and advising Community Enterprises. This work included being¬†Chief Executive of West Itchen Community Trust Ltd in Southampton which funded its inner-city¬†community development work by running a commercial property business and providing consultancy in community asset management – an area close to David’s heart.

Through David’s work in the field of community assets he became a founding Director of the Social Enterprise Foundation and¬†also Chair of the Development Trust Association (Southeast). He is now a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts; a guest lecturer in Business Ethics and CSR ¬†at Southampton University; and Lay Advisor for Public & Patient Involvement on the governing body of the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).





Suzanne Mundell

Suzanne Mundell BA (Hons) MA

Suzanne originally trained as a Chartered Librarian, quickly developing a successful track record of working as an information professional in the public library service, The City, financial regulatory services, and education.

However, for most almost a decade she has now worked as a community projects manager in the arts and housing sectors focusing on local sustainability. She has managed a number of diverse pioneering projects ranging from river restoration to Spectrum Housing Group’s award winning Growing Spaces project. Much of her work has focused on issues in local food supply, and most recently she has co-ordinated the launch and delivery of ‘Use Your Loaf’ across the south of England – again for Spectrum Housing Group. This is an innovative project which uses the traditions of making and breaking bread to overcome social barriers and help participants feel confident about cooking healthy home-made food.







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