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No organisation acts in a vacuum. Its actions affect those it comes into contact with and the environments in which it operates. The overall corporate impact of an organisation is the culmination of all the effects of its activities – essentially the changes it has made to the world through its operation. Some of these changes will be positive and some will be negative and the end-results will be a balance of the two. Increasingly organisations from all sectors are expected to show that they are giving consideration to the consequences of their actions and there overall impact.

To begin to understand and manage the scope and magnitude of their corporate impact, all managers need to learn the fundamentals of new fields of expertise. To help managers to start thinking about their organisation’s performance, and to help identify learning needs, we’ve produced a series of short introductions to the related key topics below:


Impact Assessment

Sustainability and the Triple-Bottom-Line

Stakeholder-centred Management


The briefings listed above, and much recent work, have been focussed on the role of business in managing its impact. However, there are also important developments in the Public Sector and Voluntary Sector which are discussed more generally in the relevant sections of this website.

Corporate Impact exists to help organisational leaders and their management teams from all these sector use simple systems to manage their way through these new requirements while improving the success of their organisation. If you like to talk to us about how we might be able to help you then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Business Sector Services

At Corporate Impact we are committed to making your business more profitable through improving your impact on communities and the environment.  The business case…

Public Sector Services

The Public Sector is changing dramatically as it moves rapidly toward a comprehensive commissioning role in the light of the harshest spending cuts seen in a quarter of a century. With such a rapid redefinition of role it is now more important than ever …

Voluntary Sector Services

In a time when funders expect you to be able to prove your impact and you need to be able to maximise results with diminishing funds, active impact management is a vital practice…

Cross Sector Projects

A great deal of our work involves supporting cross-sector and cross-industry networks and partnerships. With a diminishing role for the Public Sector and reduced funding for the voluntary sector it seems that pooling investment at a local level…